Useful sources – Top rated investment funds

I’ve compiled a list of useful sources when selecting the best investment funds. This is aimed at UK based investors.

They are a community of investors who’s goal is to help ordinary people who want to manage their own wealth become better informed.

They specialise in investment trusts because independent research demonstrates that investment trusts perform better over both short and long term horizons, than open ended funds (Unit trusts and OEICs).

Investment Trust Intelligence

Investment Trust Intelligence is a “library of high quality investment strategy research, fund analysis and useful guides for private investors, all written in-house by experienced analysts on the investment companies team at Kepler Partners”.

The research produced is entirely independent and they do not write paid-for research.

The Wealth 150 – Hargreaves Lansdown

The Wealth 150+ is their selection of the best funds available to UK investors. They offer a combination of excellent performance potential and low management fees.

In addition, their Wealth 150 is a broader selection of funds with excellent long-term prospects but don’t posses the superior characteristics as the plus selection.

A small caveat – their lists don’t cover investment trusts.

IC – Top 100 funds

The Investor Chronicles Top 100 Funds represents what they believe to be the UK’s best actively managed funds across all the major sectors and asset classes.

Citywire Selection

The financial publisher ‘Citywire selection’ is their independent analysis of the funds with the best established track records.

Citywire is an independent financial publisher that has provided news, investment analysis and research for professional and private investors

Bestinvest Premier Selection

Their list of top-rated funds across all major sectors with the potential to deliver superior returns.

Charles Stanley Foundation Fundlist

This is a list of their preferred funds, carefully selected by the Charles Stanley Collectives Research Team.

Money Observer rated funds

The Money Observer Rated Funds consist of actively managed funds and investment trusts that have consistently outperformed their peer groups over the medium term.


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